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It is important to be safe and efficient around electricity in the home to ensure the enjoyment and safety of all the family.

Whether your home is older or relatively new, regular maintenance of your homes’ electrical system is recommended. Faulty electrics are a real risk to your family and many risks can be averted by an electrical maintenance program. Lack of electrical maintenance is a major contributing factor in electrical accidents today.

Harle’s Electrical can conduct a comprehensive check of all your electrical systems from your Mains Connection Box through to your lights and power points. Also including wiring, circuit breakers, safety switches, meter box, sub-boards and switchboards. This check will resolve all electrical problems with as little disruption to your family as possible.

Early warning signs that electrical maintenance is needed are:

  • Flickering lights
  • Power failure
  • Hot fuses or circuit breakers
  • Constantly tripping safety switches
  • Tingles or zaps from appliances (stop using these appliances immediately)
  • Leads that are worn or frayed

Damaged appliances are dangerous and it is important to have damaged or problem electrical appliances attended to by a qualified electrician; electrical repair is only for a qualified electrical contractor.

Saving Electricity in the home

Small ways you can save electricity around the home:

  • Turn off power points
  • Use heating and cooling at an economical level
  • Correctly insulate your home
  • Close and fix leaking seals on all doors and windows
  • Keep doors shut tightly
  • Replace outdated appliances

“Every year, 15 people are killed in Australian homes in electrical accidents that could be prevented if a safety switch was fitted on the electrical circuit.” – Master Electricians Switch Thinking Report

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