Smoke Alarms

A functioning smoke alarm is an essential part of home fire safety.

It is a device that detects smoke and sounds an alarm. It is much more than a smoke detector which only detects smoke and has no alarm.It is compulsory for smoke alarms to be installed in ALL residential properties in Queensland. A smoke alarm could save your life and is an important part of fire safety and prevention in the home.  They provide early warning signs and will protect your family and property. Properly maintained smoke alarm saves lives. It is as simple as that.

There is new Smoke Alarm legislation in Queensland. Make sure you know how this new legislation affects you.

Only one choice of smoke alarms now in Queensland

Queensland residents do not have a choice any more. The new legislation states that all smoke alarms installed or replaced MUST be Photoelectric.

Photoelectric smoke alarms (also known as optical) “see” the smoke i.e. very good at detecting smouldering fire. 

The new legislation has outlawed the use of Ionisation smoke alarms for all new houses or for use as replacements.

There is a subsidy available for deaf and hearing impaired people. It is funded by the Queensland Fire and Emergency services and managed by Deaf Services Queensland

Power Supply Options for Smoke Alarms

  • Hard-wired 240 volt smoke alarms with battery back up are connected to your home’s electrical system and need to be installed by a qualified Electrical Contractor. We recommend having your smoke alarms interconnected to provide the maximum level of protection – all smoke alarms sound off simultaneously if one alarm is activated ensuring all members of the household are alerted.
  • Battery-operated smoke alarms are operated by battery only. Although battery-operated alarms can be legally installed by the home handyman they still need to be maintained regularly to ensure that the battery is charged and the alarm working properly. Only some battery-operated smoke alarms can be interconnected so be sure to ask when purchasing.

Maintenance of your Smoke Alarm

  • Change battery every 12 months: pick a specific date and do it on the same date every year. (A short, low beep every 60 seconds indicates that battery power is low and needs replacing.) 
  • Test monthly by pressing the test button with a broom handle
  • Vacuum regularly, at least once a month, to clean vents

Maintaining and replacing your smoke alarm

When purchasing any smoke alarm ensure that it carries the Standards Australia Mark or is Scientific Services Laboratory labeled.

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